Summary And Response Essay Example: Should Abortion Be Banned?

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Abortion may be murder, but it should be legal and accessible, “Heather Denkmire says, articulating a clear view on legalizing abortion, not only because it may or may not be” murder, “but also because she declares that abortion” should be legal, even if it is considered murder. ” The author bases her argument on extensive scientific knowledge and defends a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions without any particular attachment to herself. It gives personal opinions to underscore the fundamental importance of individual decisions.

Denkmire suggests that we focus on health and safety issues when deciding on abortion, and I urge you to acknowledge that we place a high value on a woman’s life and medical freedom when deciding whether abortion is legal.

Denkmire also refutes the claim that women suffer psychological damage from abortion. We rely on scientific data to prove that abortion does not pose a risk to a woman’s health as long as it is performed by a well-trained medical assistant.

If abortion is banned, Denkmire’s argument seems ambiguous after reading this article. It remains unclear whether or not there is a scientific basis for banning abortion without reading the relevant studies that support his compelling argument against abortion.

Women who are denied the opportunity to terminate their unwanted pregnancy have more mental health problems than those who succeed, according to the latest longitudinal studies. I agree with the authors on the safety of abortion, as demonstrated by the fact that a legally prescribed abortion by a specialist is safer than a birth. I also agreed with them about the psychological damage women say they suffer from abortion.

Given the low birth rate in the United States, I believe abortion should be banned when it takes place, especially in cases where there is no alternative to abortion. I also believe that the government should resume funding for abortions, regardless of a woman’s profession or income.