How to Get PaperHelp Promo Code and Save Hugely?

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You’ve probably already noticed that our prices are truly affordable. However, we do not stop at that and developed several methods, which you could use to reduce the cost of your order even more. For first-time buyers, one of the simplest ways to cut the price tag is by applying a promo code.

Where can I get a Paper promo code for first-time buyers?

See that thin dark-purple banner at the top of the page? You can find a promo code right on it. The code lets you save 15% – 5% on the first order plus 10% in credits for the next order.

In case you don’t see the banner, you might have an ad blocker enabled in your browser. In that case, disable ad blocker and refresh the page.

How do I apply a promo code?

There are two ways to apply the Paper Help promo code:

  1. Click on the “Save15” button on the banner at the top of the page – the code will be inserted in the respective field automatically.
  2. As you fill out the order form, prior to processing the payment, you will see the “Enter a discount code” field in the “Order summary” section. Paste the code, and the price will be re-estimated automatically.

We also regularly present special offers and promo codes on various occasions on social media, so you might want to follow our pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkdIn.