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Sports is very important for every human life because it is through it that human beings keep fit and fine. Sport is a source of physical strength, and it is essential in all stages of life; childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. According to the research that was carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of the total US population was taking part in the sport before the onset of the pandemic. Males were found to be higher in number as compared to their female counterparts. Without sports, the human organs would not work efficiently and effectively.   Sports have often been prioritized from old ages, and recently, it has been considered fascinating.  Despite its importance, conventional society does not value it that much. Few people have involved themselves in sporting activities. This is contrary to how it was valued some decades ago.  Various factors have been identified as the major reasons few individuals are interested in sports. Among these factors are; opportunity and access, environment, climate, role models, discrimination, money, etcetera. Be it as it may, this paper is a comprehensive analysis of how money as a factor has affected sports.

Money is evil,” just as stated by Tong et al. (2013).  Research indicates that the amount of money that is directed to the player’s salary is demotivating the players from striving towards perfection.  It looks like many athletes are doing sports specifically for money. This way, “the healthy spirit of competition that makes sports so interesting to watch and most importantly to play, is ruined” (Filworth, 2020).  Furthermore, it is evident that a lot of money is wasted by transferring a player, which would have been used to develop other essential sectors.  This brings in the question of whether a single player is really worth hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, fans are the ones who make the sports industry interesting. They are a part of it. Their importance is directly proportional to that of the players. They cheer and showcase an immersive passion for sports. However, it is unfortunate that the high prices of tickets hinder most of them from showing up in the sports area.  The high ticket prices have reduced the number of funs thus making the sports less interesting to watch and take part in it.

Corporate sponsorships have played a major role in helping less disadvantaged athletes nurture and utilize their talents to make a living in the conventional world. Examples of corporate sponsorships that have specifically majored in sports are included coca-cola company, Adidas, Redbull, Under Armour, Oakley, etc. They have played a major role in the sports industry. Because of the effect that they have caused, sports would be less likely to exist in their absence.

To curb the adverse impacts of money in sports, there is a need to come up with laws or limits that control the amount of money entering the sports. Lately, various proofs such as buying and selling players at expensive rates show that sports have a lot of money (Murphy, 2019). It is unfortunate that the money available is used to pay well the best players yet the upcoming and talented players are ignored. For example, the football industry is prone to selling and purchasing players using a million dollars. Fewer players are recruited to football clubs because the existing ones do not want to retire. They are encouraged by the good pay that they get by playing in these football clubs.  I think reducing the amount of money that enters the sports will help reduce irresponsible activities such as using a lot of money to purchase and sell players.

Conclusively, money has ruined sports.  It has brought in bias along with discrimination. Regardless of its negative impacts, money has also boosted the sports industry as it has helped in perfecting the talents of players. It is thus clear that money had both positive and negative impacts on the sporting industry.


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