Refugee Crisis

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Even though forced migration is an age-old aspect, it remains a global problem. The global refugee crisis shows that refugees and other forcibly displaced individuals are vulnerable to the divergent pathways that create events that have significantly fractured or disrupted society. Many families migrate across national borders and are separated from their relatives to seek better lives. By the end of 2019, there were 82.4 million people that had been forcibly displaced, whereas 26 million refugees who are children were subjected to such social lifestyles. Arguably, many of these children are separated from their parents as they cross borders. Furthermore, displacement causes numerous social injustices like hunger, homelessness, conflict, and hunger.

Why is the Issue of the Refugee Crisis an Important topic to you?

The refugee crisis is significant because it influences human lifestyles and disrupts nations. To begin with, I hail from Africa, and my parents have been at the forefront in protecting and helping refugees. Coming from a low-income family, most if not all of my friends were refugees, which accorded me a first-hand insight into the refugee experience. Since my parents grew up in Africa, they experienced human abuse practices in many camps and refugee facilities. Impoverished people are found in such centers. As a result, my dad and his brother rescued refugees drowning in the ocean as they escaped the brutal killer and dictator Idi Amin Dada. 

As a result, the issue of the refugee crisis is held close to my heart since my family has played a massive role in alleviating the situation. At the same time, most of my friends come from refugee families. I am passionate about the refugee crisis, and I hope to find workable solutions before it reaches its breaking point. 

Leveraging my Skills

There are various ways that I can utilize available resources and skills to leverage the issue. Firstly I would like to adopt refugee children. I believe a small act can go a long way. Secondly, I would like to use the network I built at NYU to champion and advocate for the refugee crisis. The network would be instrumental in supporting the problem. Furthermore, I would like to donate a percentage of every sale from Soho Consumer Company, which will help refugees in different regions of the world. 

In addition, my private equity funds will be tuned to the noble cause in Africa, as I find ways of redirecting refugees to Africa and finding suitable homes for them. Eventually, this strategy would increase the African workforce while providing a home to offer a conducive environment where children can be nurtured. I hope to create funds focused on Africa’s real estate, which will eventually help the less fortunate in this realm. I hope such efforts will be able to change the minds of Private Equity/Investment firms today and show them that you can do good while still maintaining profitability.