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While working on your college application, you may come across essays that focus on diversity, culture, and values. The purpose of these essays is to highlight different views and opinions that could be brought to campus. Each college is committed to a diverse student body to make its campus a better place for students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.

These essay proposals are a great opportunity to see what students can bring to their schools. These essay examples of culture and diversity were written by real students, and for each example we have provided a brief description of what the author can improve, as well as a revised version of the original.

Duke University believes that the diversity of our students makes our community stronger, and we look forward to a talented and dedicated student body that embodies a wide range of human experiences. Real people read our applications, so we want to do our best to understand and appreciate the perspectives of real people applying to Duke. If you would like to, please share your perspective and help us better understand the diversity of your experience at Duke University and other colleges and universities in the United States and around the world. We encourage you to do so.

If you find that you need $1 to buy a bottle of water, do you fish out and store the change that is normally hidden in the bottom of your backpack, or do you put it in your wallet? If you put the coin in a spare pocket, it stays on his desk until a classmate snatches the bag from his pocket and holds it over his head while he chants, “He wants his money, Jew. Ultimately, in this world of school vending machines, the lonely $10 note is useless, and all that is is a wallet.

I have never been the target of an attack at school, but I am no stranger to anti-Semitism and even after I fled the scene the effect remained on me. I was strictly asked to leave, I reached for my bag, forgot the Star of David necklace I always wear (it must have been attached to the coin) and left.

Ironically, this only increased my pride as a member of the Jewish community and helped me when I moved to a new environment. This incident serves as an example that we will continue to face adversity and not be seen as mere stereotypes. I know I have to work hard to show that I am proud of my heritage, my family and my community.

The essay responds well to this invitation and offers a great image that the author uses to keep the reader moving. There is also a solid narrative voice that helps to paint a picture of his personality and person. The right structure for this essay has also been chosen, and this aspect can be applied to any community that shares the same concepts and promotes pride in education and giving.

The anecdote is lively, relevant and draws the reader into the story of the author’s student life and his relationship with his parents. Give, “as he joined with the students, faculty, staff, alumni and other members of his community in the community.

There is still air up in the last sentences, but there are also a few places where you can smooth out the bumpy construction to ensure clarity and flow, and the exchanges that can lead to a stronger image, most of them just the finishing touches. You might fall in love with the phrase that concretizes the claim that the experience has increased your pride. It highlights your unique perspective and shows the fact that you have worked hard and are working hard.

The Star of David around your neck is forgotten, but you soon realize that you must have seen it and connected it to the stack of coins. They scoop up the $1 cost of a water bottle, sweep open the spare zipper and run off when a classmate snatches the bag and holds it over their heads. All that’s in your wallet is a lonely $10 note that is ultimately useless at the school vending machine. Your money is sorted, hidden, fished out, sorted and finally hidden in a plastic bag in your backpack.

You have never been the target of an attack at school, but you are no stranger to experiencing and dealing with anti-Semitism.

You are told sternly to leave, you reach for your bag, and as you saunter away, the impact persists on you.

Ironically, this experience of discrimination has only increased my pride as a member of the Jewish community. This incident serves as an example of what hardship is and what misery we will still experience if we only see stereotypes. Wearing the Star of David connects me to the history of my family and I am able to transfer these values to my new community, the Duke Community; I feel more connected to it than ever before in my life.