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Facebook, the social media giant, has been using AI in diverse, ingenious, beneficial, and even controversial ways to run its business. Since the company has access to a huge amount of data provided by its users, it is utilizing this data to develop and optimize its AI tools and projects. All the images, comments, status updates, and personal information, among others, voluntarily and/or unwittingly provided by users are enabling Facebook to research and create AI applications. Furthermore, using that data as training fodder, the company is fine-tuning those tools. Facebook’s primary AI technology is FBLearner Flow, and it is employed in several ways. It only personalizes the news feeds of users by placing information as well as advertising based on the data provided by them. Facebook also uses AI to monitor content. For instance, it filters out violence, nudity, and “fake news,” particularly politically motivated and communally-sensitive news. The other important AI-related tool used by Facebook to run its business is Deep Face. Once a user uploads a photograph featuring a human face, this tool analyzes it and measures various facial features, coloring, and proportion. Consequently, this technology compares and matches any other image or images that have similar aspects. This helps users track photos of themselves that might crop up on Facebook, tag other people, and so forth.

Deep Text is the other AI technology utilized by Facebook to analyze texts typed or created by users. This tool understands both the literal and deeper meaning of those texts by analyzing various factors, such as their placement within a post, other words used along with them, and so forth. Based on this technology, Facebook is pushing advertising posts and other commercial suggestions. Moreover, the company is employing AI for constructive non-commercial purposes as well. For instance, Facebook monitors the way its users are engaging with their various services, and looks for signs that might indicate that they are depressed or in danger of hurting themselves. When its AI detects that something is amiss, it places relevant information at the fingertips of the suspected person. The company does not contact that particular person or his/her friends and family due to privacy implications. To further optimize its AI technology, Facebook is recruiting more employees and expanding its operations.

AI can enable Facebook to provide all-new inventive and useful services as well as enhance its current services. Since the company is always developing and incorporating enticing features to attract and benefit users, AI can play a primary role in all of them. For instance, with people around the world who speak different languages gathering and interacting on Facebook, its translation can be further optimized through AI. A self-supervision AI application that can translate between any pair of world languages without depending on English data can be expected from the company. Furthermore, it is well-known that Facebook is working on an augmented reality-based wearable glass or spectacle. Since this technology can record what people see, hear, and do, it can analyze the data and provide various personalized services. One of the AI-based services that can be expected from Facebook is the incorporation of Deepface in live videos. Although the company might have developed this service, it can further enhance it and make it available on the platform. As an extension of that, Facebook could be expected to use AI to anticipate the next course of action in real-time videos. By trialing with several publicly available videos and learning from them, the company could be expected to develop an application that can predict the next course of action based on visual cues.